3 Things You Shoul Know As An Executor Of A Deceased Estate

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Are you an executor to a deceased estate? The executor is a critical aspect in managing a deceased estate. Typically, they are charged with implementing the wishes of the testator as outlined in their will. Below are a few things that you should know as an executor.  1. You Do Not Have To Be The Executor Your personal circumstances could compel you to relinquish your role as the executor. For example, it could be you are sick, incapacitated or out of the country.

27 May 2021

How To Evaluate The Contract Of Sale

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When buying property, one of your conveyancer's primary responsibilities is to negotiate the terms of the contract of sale. Below is an article discussing what your conveyancer will look out for when assessing and negotiating the contract of sale.  Cooling-Off Period and Closing Date The cooling-off period allows you to terminate the contract of sale without incurring any penalties. Typically, it lasts a few days after you sign the contract of sale.

29 March 2021