Reasons Why Divorcing Spouses Should Involve a Family Lawyer in Property Settlement

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The decision to divorce has an emotional and psychological impact on the partners involved. Despite the difficulty of the situation, it is advisable to retain the services of a family lawyer throughout the divorce process because you still have to take care of property settlement. According to Australian laws, married couples that have decided on divorce have up to one year following the divorce to apply for property settlement. It is a short time; therefore, it is essential that you seek the services of a family lawyer to get you through property settlement claims.

4 February 2019

Top 2 Reasons Why DIY Conveyancing May Not Be The Best Option For You

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Conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of property from one party to another, which is a very crucial part of any property purchase/sale.  From checking whether there're any disputes about the property, researching about the property's certificate of title, negotiating and processing financial offers, to ensuring that all necessary documents are lodged with the necessary authorities, conveyancing involves doing quite a bit. Can you do it all by yourself? While the short answer to this is yes, the real question will always remain,"

16 November 2018

3 Questions to Help You Know If your Compensation Case Is Valid

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Injury in your work place, on the road or in any other public place is a devastating event to go through. You should not have to cover the costs of treatment and recovery when there are people at fault. However, before contacting your compensation lawyers, ask yourself the following questions to know whether your case is valid. Was the accident your fault? With the daily events of life, one is bound to get lost in a world of thought occasionally.

30 July 2018

Is There a Chance That Your Workers' Compensation Claim Can Be Denied?

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Workers' compensation is an essential benefit for employees as it guarantees that any financial difficulties brought about due to medical problems that are work-related will be taken care of. Furthermore, it gives employees a sense of confidence that their wellbeing is being taken care of by their employer. However, simply because you have filed for workers' compensation is not an automatic guarantee that your claim will be approved. The approval process is quite thorough to ensure that every claim is genuine.

23 May 2018

Family Lawyers | 3 Soothing Tactics For Women To Come Out Feeling Peaceful After A Divorce

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Divorce is one of the toughest things women go through, especially when there are kids involved in the middle. The idea of going through family lawyers and divorce lawyers is enough to make your head spin, but it is an eventuality during this difficult time in your life. But instead of getting nasty during your divorce proceedings, you could probably undertake these soothing tactics to come out feeling peaceful after a divorce.

16 September 2016

Restaurant Contracts | 3 Actions Before Dotting The "I's" And Crossing The "T's" On An Agreement With Your Vegetable Vendor

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When you run a restaurant, you probably have to sign agreements with multiple vendors to provide vegetables, meat, coffee, tea and drinks. Any mistake on your vendor agreements can have massive repercussions for your restaurant business. Work closely with your business lawyers to go through the vegetable vendor agreement before you cross the 'T's' and dot the 'I's' on it. Ensure The Delivery Timelines You Agreed To Are Clearly Listed

14 September 2016

How Should You Handle Tenants Who Sublet Property Without Your Consent?

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As house prices in Australia continue to rise and push up the cost of renting property, incidences of tenants subletting property have been on the rise. Subletting occurs when the legal tenant transfers all or part of the rights to occupy a rental property to another person. Often subletting of a property is done without the consent of the property owner. As a landlord, it is your duty to ensure that your tenants do not sublet your property since there is no legal agreement of property occupancy between you and the third party.

14 September 2016

Five Questions to Ask a Commercial Lawyer Before Signing a Lease for Your New Restaurant

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If you plan to start a new restaurant, you may want to consult with a commercial lawyer through the process. These professionals can help you ensure that you have structured your business correctly and that you are minding employment laws and following other relevant statutes. In particular, commercial lawyers can also help you assess the lease agreement before you start a lease for your restaurant. 1. How are rent increases calculated?

7 September 2016

When to Hire a Foreign Law Firm

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A foreign law firm or one that specialises in law in a foreign country can be the right choice for businesses for many reason. While a domestic law firm or one without actual ties to another country may be able to help you with some foreign legal matters, there are times when it's better to rely on the specialty services of a foreign law firm. Note when that is and how they can protect and assist your business overall.

31 August 2016

Wills and Estates: How to Avoid Probate

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Probate is the official term for the process of legally 'proving' a will. A probate court is responsible for the administration of a will. After you die, your deceased estate will go into probate if the court is needed to act as administrator of your will. It may also go into probate if you did not make a will, in which case the court will be called upon to administer your estate as they see fit.

29 August 2016