Top 2 Reasons Why DIY Conveyancing May Not Be The Best Option For You

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Conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of property from one party to another, which is a very crucial part of any property purchase/sale.  From checking whether there're any disputes about the property, researching about the property's certificate of title, negotiating and processing financial offers, to ensuring that all necessary documents are lodged with the necessary authorities, conveyancing involves doing quite a bit.

Can you do it all by yourself? While the short answer to this is yes, the real question will always remain," should you do it yourself?" There is no law against DIY conveyancing in Australia, and some people chose to go at it alone, often with the help of DIY conveyancing kits in the hopes that cutting out a conveyancer will help them save costs in service fees.

Why is DIY conveyancing not the best option for you? Because it carries with it some inherent disadvantages and risks, as highlighted below.

It will take up a lot of your time

As mentioned, there is a lot to the process of conveyancing, and doing each of these tasks on your own will eat into your time. If you have no previous experience attending to these tasks, it may take you even longer as you try and get acquainted with what needs doing, and how to go about doing it. Rest assured that you will be spending most of your days working on this.

The smallest of mistakes will cost you big

Each step involved in the process of conveyancing will require you to pay close attention to detail. As someone with no solid background in the practice of conveyancing, it can be quite easy to miss these little points. Any omissions or commissions, however small they may seem, can cause serious delays in the final settlement, cause you to lose money, or even worse, cause the whole deal to fall through. In some instances, and particularly where your mistake constitutes a violation of the law, you may be faced with legal action, which may turn into a lengthy and costly battle in court.

A skilled and experienced conveyancer has a full understanding of all the legal requirements that must be met and every detail that must never be looked. Additionally, thanks to experience in the industry and access to the necessary resources, a conveyancer can take care of what needs doing in a timely fashion. 

How much you pay your conveyancer will all be worth it, when thanks to them, you experience a hassle-free conveyancing, which is more than can be said about going at it alone.


16 November 2018

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