3 Questions to Help You Know If your Compensation Case Is Valid

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Injury in your work place, on the road or in any other public place is a devastating event to go through. You should not have to cover the costs of treatment and recovery when there are people at fault. However, before contacting your compensation lawyers, ask yourself the following questions to know whether your case is valid.

Was the accident your fault?

With the daily events of life, one is bound to get lost in a world of thought occasionally. For example, say you receive a shocking text message on your phone. The message you get is so disturbing you forget that you are about to cross the road. You are so engrossed in reading the text to understand exactly what it says. You continue walking, but unfortunately the light turns red and suddenly you are hit by a car. In this case, your compensation lawyers may not be able to help you much because in all honesty, you were the one at fault. For sure the driver of the car should have stopped, but maybe they did but it was too late. You may end up getting some compensation, but your compensation lawyers might not always be able to win the case.

Could it have happened to someone else?

If the answer is yes to this question, then you are in luck because your compensation lawyers might have a good chance of winning the case. The point of compensation is to prove that it wasn't your fault and that if circumstances were to change, someone else could have been injured too. For example, imagine you are working at a factory that has a loose pulley opening the roller shutters, and you have asked for repairs but none seem to be done. Eventually the faulty pulley fails and it falls on your back. This is a strong case for compensation because that could have easily been someone else.

Could something have been done to prevent it?

The last question to ask yourself is whether the accident could have been prevented if some measures such as repairs or warning signs were put up. Many people face injury from construction sites on public pathways simply because no warning sign was placed. It is the construction owner's job to let the public know when the floors are slippery or when rock particles may be falling. That way the pedestrians will find a different route to use. Your compensation lawyers will have a strong case when it can be proven that something could have been done to avoid the accident, but it wasn't. 


30 July 2018

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