Restaurant Contracts | 3 Actions Before Dotting The "I's" And Crossing The "T's" On An Agreement With Your Vegetable Vendor

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When you run a restaurant, you probably have to sign agreements with multiple vendors to provide vegetables, meat, coffee, tea and drinks. Any mistake on your vendor agreements can have massive repercussions for your restaurant business. Work closely with your business lawyers to go through the vegetable vendor agreement before you cross the 'T's' and dot the 'I's' on it.

Ensure The Delivery Timelines You Agreed To Are Clearly Listed

Clear timelines are the essence of any well-written agreement and remove any scope for ambiguity, which is advantageous for your restaurant business. Any vegetable vendor agreement with unclear timelines can make it difficult for you to serve fresh produce to your customers, so make sure you check this factor with your business lawyers. For instance, if you plan on serving lunch to your customers in the afternoon, then you'll want the vegetables to be delivered to you by a certain time in the morning. Failure to include delivery times in the agreement could mean that your vendor arrives too late for your lunch service. Being clear with expectations from the start will ensure that you get what you want from your vegetable vendor.

Allow For Transparency In Terms Of Premature Agreement Termination

When you run a restaurant, you need to ensure that the vegetable produce delivered to you is fresh. If you are not happy with your vegetable vendor, then there should be clear conditions stipulating guidelines for agreement termination. For instance, if your vegetable vendor provides rotten or stale produce despite multiple warnings, you may have grounds to terminate the agreement prematurely. Make sure that these conditions are properly included to avoid any quarrels later with your vegetable vendor.

Ensure All Settled Terms Are Written In The Agreement

When you negotiate a deal with your vegetable vendor, you probably have certain terms and conditions that you want to address before signing on the dotted line. For instance, you may want certain types of truss tomatoes and Desiree potatoes to be delivered based on quality. You may also have stipulations for alternate varieties if the required vegetable isn't available. But verbal agreements with respect to these terms can open up a lot of room for debate with your vendor. To prevent this from happening, make sure that all settled terms are written in the agreement you sign with your vegetable vendor.

Follow these actions before dotting the "I's" and crossing the "T's" on an agreement with your vegetable vendor. Your business lawyers will ensure that your best interests are covered in the agreement.


14 September 2016

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