When to Hire a Foreign Law Firm

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A foreign law firm or one that specialises in law in a foreign country can be the right choice for businesses for many reason. While a domestic law firm or one without actual ties to another country may be able to help you with some foreign legal matters, there are times when it's better to rely on the specialty services of a foreign law firm. Note when that is and how they can protect and assist your business overall.

When there is any type of language barrier

One reason to always choose a foreign law firm for a country that speaks a different language is that your legal documents and other such paperwork needs to be properly worded in order to protect your interests. Languages can be more complicated than you realise and different words may seem to be interchangeable, but one may have a very different implication than the other. Using a law firm with Chinese lawyers, for example, will ensure that you don't have to rely on translators who may not always be familiar with legal and business phrases. This also ensures that your communication is always appropriate for both casual meetings and for legal documents, and there are no mistakes made because of the language differences.

When the political climate is changing

In many countries, there is something of a quick turnover for political leaders, or there may be political changes on the horizon, such as whether or not to exit the European union, to cut off trade with another country, and so on. A foreign law firm that has contacts and branches in that country will usually know more about how these changes may affect the business climate in the country and how that might affect your business plans. The contacts in that country may be able to see past the stories that are presented in mainstream media and note the overall political and social climate in their home country, so you have a more accurate understanding of these situations. In turn, you can make the best decision for your business for the present and also for long-term growth.

When setting up physical locations may be involved

Expanding into another country can simply mean selling to buyers in that country, but if you're looking to set up a physical location abroad, you would do well to hire a foreign law firm. As with the social and economic climate, their home contacts can often give you more personalised and accurate advice as to the best location for your business in particular and if such a move is even recommended in that country.


31 August 2016

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