When an Individual Should Rely on the Services of a Solicitor


Not every legal matter you need to handle in your personal life requires the expertise of a solicitor. You can typically manage many legal transactions, or prepare certain paperwork on your own and then have it properly recognized by the courts. However, there are times when an individual should consult with a solicitor and rely on their services and advice. Note when this is and how they can protect you legally.


Conveyancing refers to the transfer of a deed or title from one party to another; this can mean a sale or simply a transfer with no money being exchanged. You may think you can easily convey a property to a friend or relative or go through this process of buying or having property transferred to you without a solicitor, but this can be a mistake. There may be liabilities that come with that property of which you're not aware and you may be overlooking certain financial aspects of buying or selling that could cost you quite a bit of money. When conveyancing any property, at least consult with a solicitor to have him or her review the process and the paperwork to ensure you're making the best decision possible.

Drawing up your will

Even if you don't have much by way of assets and property, it's still good to use a solicitor to help you draw up a will. You may be overlooking certain parts of the legal process that can mean having your assets get frozen in court or go to someone else. You may also word a will in such a way that it makes it easy for someone to contest it, and it's again tied up in court while a judge hears the case. To ensure your wishes are protected after your passing, use a solicitor to help you draw up a will.

Becoming self-employed

It may have been a dream and goal for many years to become self-employed, but there are legal considerations to this new career path you need to consider. For example, you may have different taxes that you'll need to pay, and you may need to carry different forms of insurance to protect you now that you don't have an employer to offer that protection. There may also be liability in owning a building for your new venture. To ensure that your new career choice is the right one and you're protected when you strike it out on your own, consult with a solicitor first.


12 September 2016

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